D.M. Burns Security, Inc. continues to keep
New Hampshire's Seacoast
  homes and businesses safe...
Just like it has for over 31 years!

Protecting your homes, businesses, and municipalities with

                                        • Integrated Burglar Alarm & Security Systems
                                        • Security Cameras
                                        • CCTV and Card Access Systems
                                        • Fire Alarms and Sprinkler Systems  


Burns Security- Burglar & Fire Alarm Systems NH

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Dover Security & Burglar Alarm Dealer
Thwarts Seacoast Crime Wave!Police Car

Dover, NH—Copper and precious metal thefts, local homes burglarized, homeowners threatened and viscously attacked, retail store theft, employee theft, and even embezzlement.

These crimes are becoming increasingly familiar in the normally tranquil NH Seacoast towns and cities like Portsmouth, Exeter, Dover, Rochester, and Hampton, and it's only going to get worse in the times ahead.

Satisfied clients of D.M. Burns Security, Inc. sleep like a baby each night, knowing their families and valuable property are completely protected against the bad guys!

To protect yourself against loss or serious injury caused by these ruthless criminals, take action now and Call D.M. Burns Security, Inc. at 603-742-3212
for a FREE Home & Office Security Analysis!

Will You Lose Everything You Own When Your
Home Or Business Goes Up In Smoke?

Fire TruckFire shows no mercy!  According to a recent National Fire Protection Association report, a fire occurs in a structure every 60 seconds, and a residential fire occurs every 77 seconds!

If your home or business isn't protected by a properly designed and installed fire alarm and sprinkler system as you are reading this, you are in serious danger of losing everything you have from your belongings, buildings, or God forbid, your family.

D.M. Burns Security, Inc. in Dover, NH will educate you on the best and most cost effective fire protection solutions, allowing you to protect what's most important to you.  There's no worse damage than fire and smoke damage after a devastating fire.

Call D.M. Burns Security, Inc. today at 603-742-3212 for a FREE Home & Office Security Analysis! 
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